Important information for all competitors

This information must be understood by all competitors:

Registration is from 3:30pm – 5:30pm Saturday January 31, and from 6.30am – 7:30am Sunday February 1st.

Parking is on the grassed area between the Athletic Centre and the Mountain Bike Park. Please do not park in the car park of the Golf Club.

Sign on – All riders need to sign on before the race, even if you collected your plate Saturday afternoon. Sign on will be near the registration centre. If you have not signed on, race organisers will assume you have not started and you will be a DNS and race times will not be recorded.

Withdrawal after sign-on – If you pull out of the race for any reason, (mechanical/injury etc) you must inform one of the checkpoints or race control at the finish line. We don’t want to be looking for people out on course that are not there.

Race brief is at 7.40am in the Athletic Centre. Be prepared to get underway straight after.

Rider assembly will be at the Golf Club car park after the race brief.

Drinks/food are to be placed in boxes at the entrance of the Athletic Centre. Please note the number of the box you place them in. They will be available at Checkpoint 2.

For further information please see your competitor notes available on the website:

Looking forward to seeing you all there on race day.
Last but not least, have a blast, be happy and safe riding.

The Cranky Team